Denmire HOlsteins


John, Margaret, Michael, Andrew & Stephen welcome you to Scales Park, home to Denmire Holsteins.

The farm is currently just over 1000 acres at Scales Park, Gleaston Park and Seawood.

Currently cropping 250 acres of winter cereals (Barley & Wheat), 220 acres of maize and the rest in grass.

400 cows are milked 3 times a day averaging 11, 000 kgs at 4.1% BF & 3.2% PR.

Current Herd Classifications: Cows - 110 EX, 135 VG, 39GP

                                           Heifers - 67VG, 48GP

Over 70 breeding bulls are sold annually, surplus milking cows, heifers & embryos regularly sold.

Great emphasis has been placed on cow families that offer the combination of good components, superior type and depth of pedigree to ensure long lasting, profitable cows, generation after generation. Resulting in 32 100 ton cows to date, that have all been classified EX.


Welcome to Denmire

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