Bulls Available


Variety of Holstein Bulls for sale from various families. See below.

Feel free to contact us, for any further information on 01229 869428 or email us at denmire@btconnect.com.

Visits always welcome. Genomic Results Available.

Denmire Mcmee

Dam: Denmire Lauthority Marie 251

Sire: Delaberge Loptimum

Born: 11.06.15

Denmire Mexir

Dam: Denmire Goldwyn Marie 102 VG 87

Sire: Silverridge Extreme

Born: 28.07.15

Denmire Mansory

Dam: Denmire Iota Marie 190

Sire: Silverridge V Envious

Born: 29.07.15

Denmire Moast

Dam: Denmire Super Marie Anne 3 EX 93 2E

Sire: Bryceholme SS Boastfull

Born: 11.10.15

Denmire Movieman

Dam: Denmire Goldwyn Marie 102

Sire: RH Superman RDF

Born: 29.10.15

Denmire Pendure

Dam: Denmire Goldwyn Pamela 20

Sire: Siverridge Endure

Born: 15.01.16

Denmire Reopen

dam: Denmire Numeruno Reba 64

Sire: Ladys-Manor Doorsopen

Born: 1.3.16

Denmire Premiership

Dam: Denmire Salloon Patsy

Sire: Sandy-Valley Penmanship

Born: 13.03.16

Denmire Rectify

Dam: Denmire Numeruno Reba 64

Sire: Melarry Halogen Freckle

Born: 17.04.16

Denmire Maverik

Dam: Denmire Doorman Marie Anne

Sire Sandy-valley-I Penmanship

Born: 29.04.17